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About Grace

I’m a full-time painter originally hailing from South Carolina. A recent graduate of Anderson University in Anderson, SC with a concentration in Painting and Drawing I continuously exercise my creative outlets daily. Whether through painting, reading, experimenting with photography, hiking,  playing guitar, or singing I’m constantly exploring the world through an artistic lens and actively integrating those experiences into my creative works. I’ve developed my own unique painting style that is constantly evolving in form, style, color, and subject but my fulfillment comes from creating beautiful portrayals of landscapes and figures. 


Since attending university I have devoted countless hours to studying representational art through experimentation and training in traditional art mediums. This process has led to my development of a vibrant style of painting that celebrates gestural ink drawing techniques and contrasting color relationships based on memories and experiences from my life. My artwork has been published and spotlighted in Anderson University’s Literature and Arts journal multiple times and has been shown in numerous group shows across both the Carolinas. The majority of my projects so far have been developing my voice, freelance commission work for private collectors and local musicians, and collaborations with other visual artists. I plan to move to Nashville, TN where I will continue to develop my full-time studio practice and look forward to collaborating with other artists in the future. 


I’m currently working from my home studio in South Carolina.